Mr. Thanaparg Chompulongkuldeth

       Technical Director of WE & C SOLUTECH CO.,LTD. Is a person who had more than 25 years for “How to applied ozone generator to water disinfection?” his experiences were learn on the job starting form cooperated installation, training, shared experience, design and applied of ozone system from ProMinent GmbH. and  SEWEC OZONE GmbH. and other ozone generator brand in Germany.




Hesupported in service and installation, consultant many ozone systems to Myanmar since 1995 and all of ozone system are work well until now.

If you are one of ozonized water system user or you are looking for ozone system for your applicate with any brand of ozone generator.... please you do not hesitate to contact to him.  


  • System Design According to Applications
  • Ozone System Service and Maintenance
  • Software Re-Installed and Support
  • Site Service & Spare Parts Provided






The ion exchange process percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials (ion-exchange resins). Ions in the water are exchanged for other ions fixed to the beads. The two most common ion-exchange methods are softening and deionization. Softening is used primarily as a pretreatment method to reduce water hardness prior to reverse osmosis (RO) processing. The softeners contain beads that exchange two sodium ions for every calcium or magnesium ion removed from the “softened” water.



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